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Tool Blogs To Follow

With the amount of information available to tool users, whether hobbyists or professionals, it’s hard to tell what resources are worth your time and which ones are merely glorified advertisements.

To better help you decipher the good from the useless, we’ve compiled a list of the best independent opinions from fellow tool users so you can stay updated on the latest products and deals while learning from the best in your field. 

These blogs are designed for different audiences, some for professionals and others for the weekend warrior types.

In addition, some of these blogs are run by contractors who have worked with these tools for years, making a living from them and knowing them inside out, and others are updated by tool fanatics who are simply obsessed with the design and technology of the latest tools.

With that in mind, here are some of the best tool blogs that you may want to have a look at:


This website’s administrators are Dan and Eric, who do test, research, and review different power tools that are relevant to the industry. Their reviews also include input and feedback from a number of contractors in the Chicago area.

To keep readers interested, the bloggers occasionally offer some freebie tool opportunities, as well as video reviews to provide in-depth insight on some tools.

The site has been around for a while now, and they recently revamped their interface with a flamboyant concrete-grime-industrial look, and added a comment area so readers can offer their suggestions or criticisms.


This is a very detailed blog whose content is masterfully created by Doug Mahoney. The content comprises a compilation of hands-on and unique tools information that is not only educative but also quite hilarious.

Many of the stories on this blog are related to Doug, especially the comical ones. Though Doug has been a bit late in updating his website, he is expected back soon with more informative and funny content.


This blog is run by Chris Rodenius, who provides a range of useful content for both novices and pros in the trades fields.

One of the most useful pieces of content on this blog is the extensive user review provided with great feedback, which should be a big plus for readers looking for a real man or woman’s experience using a given tool or product.


The content for this tool blog is geared towards the professional tool user, though it is in no way intimidating to ambitious beginners. It contains plenty of useful content for tradespeople and power tool junkies, as well as loads of tips and how-to projects.

This blog also provides exact stats on some of the tools on the market today, so you may get some pretty good advice before your next purchase.


ToolGuyd is the go-to source for anyone without a niche. If you’re interested in information about all-things-tools, this site will be your perfect weekly fix.

There are lots of tool reviews, but beyond that, there is some fun content such as a review for the Transformers’ movie action figure and an up close clip of a violent praying mantis kill, so you can get entertained while you get informed.


This is the unofficial blogging arm of Ohio Power Tool, a tool distributor, that is run by Jay Amstutz, who provides a bunch of information including tips, DIY projects, and even reviews on different tools from a range of manufacturers.

You may also notice Jay’s wingman, HomeFixated, during a number of trade show party crawls.


Unlike many of the other tool blogs with one or two dedicated writers, this website is managed by editor Todd Fratzel, who organizes a team of contributing writers to ensure that they provide a well-rounded perspective on everything that is tool-related, helping visitors and readers to make the best tool choice.

Some of the content to expect on this blog are reviews from over 20 different top manufacturers, including Ryobi, Black & Decker, Delta, Porter-Cable, and DeWALT, among others.

Final Note

Generally, the topics covered in these tool blogs include tips, how-to’s, tool reviews, and lots of other tool-related information that could be useful to everyone from novices to professionals. The blogs are not listed in order of preference, so be sure to visit them all to find what kind of blogger appeals to you the most. And don’t forget about tool forums, either; these are a great source of information and, unlike a lot of blogs, give you the opportunity to ask the questions that may have been left unanswered.

Have a favorite that isn’t on the list? Leave a comment letting us know about it and we’ll share it with our readers!


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