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“You can never have too many tools!”

Many professionals who use tools to make a living will agree with the above statement. There are always situations where you could tackle a task better or faster if you only had the right tool.

Another point professionals seem to agree on is that it is better to invest in quality tools, than shop for the lowest price model. Due to the nature of the tasks designed to accomplish, tools are put under a lot of physical stress, countless repetitive tasks, impossible angles, and huge amount of pressure to perform without fail.

Investing in quality tools provides a great ROI and many years of reliable use, but can also put a lot of pressure on the budget.

Since launching our online store ShopDynamicTools.com over six years ago, we have explored various options to make investing in quality tools more financially manageable. The challenge was to find a financial partner that can match the benefits our online store offer our clients: a reliable product you can trust, delivered fast, and backed by industry leading reputation, and complete piece of mind.

We are happy to announce that our customers can now pay for their tool purchases made on ShopDynamicTools.com via 4 payments over 6 weeks at 0% interest, making updating your tools more manageable.

The credit facility on ShopDynamicTools.com is provided by Sezzle. Sezzle is a leader in consumer financing services and aims to offer our customers an additional reason to make ShopDynamicTools.com one of their favorite tool destination: the ability to pay for tool purchases through interest-free instalments.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, Sezzle provides instant financing for eCommerce purchases with no need to submit paperwork and wait days or weeks for approval.

As a result, selecting Sezzle at checkout allows you to complete your purchase in minutes, similar to choosing to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Things to Know Before You Select Sezzle as A Financing Option

Financing options usually come at a cost; therefore it is important to understand how the program works before deciding if financing is suitable for your situation:

  • Sezzle is responsible for collecting of payment, payment terms and processing credit applications. Our company is not involved in any way and has no influence over this approval process.
  • The approval process is dependent of his/her financial situation and credit history, as determined by Sezzle. Our company is not able to negotiate or set interest rates on behalf of our customers.
  • Pre-authorized payments can be made using your bank account or your Visa or Mastercard credit / debit card.
  • Sezzle financing is applied to your entire order. To use Sezzle for only part of your purchase you need to complete two separate transactions with different payment methods.
  • Sezzle payment plans are available to US residents above the age of majority, which is 18 or 19, depending on your state.
  • Sezzle payment plans can be prepaid at any time without penalty.

  How to Pay Using Sezzle

To use Sezzle, add your items to the cart as usual. Once you click the Add to Cart button you will see the Sezzle option displaying the monthly payments you would qualify for upon approval by Sezzle.

    For more information about the financing option available on ShopDynamicTools.com, and answers to your frequently asked questions, please click here. 


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