Drawers For Mobile Tool Chest With Clear Top Lid

Part No.: 940015
  • Compatible with both the Industrial and Military version of the mobile tool chest
  • When installed in mobile chest drawer can be fully extended allowing complete access to its content; even to objects near the back of the drawer
  • Each drawer features two red tab stops, which prevent accidental removal of drawer when it’s pulled fully open
  • Drawers can only be released from the tool chest by pushing the two red tab stops
  • The tight tolerance design results in a mere 1 mm clearance between the drawers, eliminating the possibility of objects falling out during transport
  • Dimensions of small drawer: 1-13⁄₁₆" (30 mm) H x 18.4" (467mm) W x 10" (55mm) D
  • Dimensions of medium drawer: 2 ⅓" (60 mm) H x 18.4" (467mm) W x 10" (55mm) D
  • Dimensions of large  drawer: 3 11⁄16" (95 mm) H x 18.4" (467mm) W x 10" (55mm) D
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